Among the SDS areas of expertise…

  • Telecom and IP Network Solutions

    Our focus is to strategize, optimize and implement innovative edit my paper technologies to maximize efficiences and return on investment in all communication ventures for today’s leading retailers.

  • Telephony

    Our solution leverages proprietary, leading edge technology. The result: You get better phone service with better features at a better price. By making the switch, most clients realize positive cash flow from the very first month!

  • Surveillance and Video Analytics

    SDS can provide an unbiased assessment of an existing loss prevention (LP) program.

  • PCI Compliance

    Our team offers a comprehensive approach paper rater to understanding, assessing, achieving and maintaining PCI compliance in a phased approach.

  • Wireless Infrastructure

    Wireless Solutions extend the reach of your enterprise network far beyond traditional departmental boundaries and dramatically improve productivity.

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